My name is Brittany, and I provide SEO content writing and email marketing for clients across various industries.

After graduating with my M.A. in English (2011) from Valdosta State University, I began an eight-year teaching career during which I taught writing and literature at various colleges and universities. The years I spent teaching writing have honed my grasp of grammar, voice, audience, and tone.

In 2019, I decided to make a change and began teaching myself SEO, digital marketing, and basic web design. Since then, most of my publications have been about SEO, digital marketing, cybersecurity, and technology, but as you can see from my portfolio, I’m willing to tackle a range of topics.

As a writer, I’m adaptable and can easily match a client’s brand voice. And thanks to my experiences as an instructor, I’m skilled at breaking down complex topics for more general audiences. Overall, I pride myself on clean, well-researched, highly-readable copy.

If you like what you see or have questions, reach out! You can find me on LinkedIn or email me at brittahoward@gmail.com.